Electricity: prevention of domestic accidents

Electricity: prevention of domestic accidents

The domestic accident is not a fatality but unfortunately it is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. More deadly than road accidents, domestic accidents are the leading cause of child mortality.

The dangers of electricity in the home.Electricity is an invisible, odourless and silent danger and that is why it is necessary to be vigilant and take all the necessary precautions to avoid any accident.The dangers of domestic electricity are numerous and safety remains the best prevention. Every year in France, 2300 people are victims of domestic accidents due to electricity and 160 people die from them.these figures give food for thought and show a real problem, as the obsolescence of electrical installations is no longer up to standard. Other accidents are also to be deplored, particularly domestic accidents that affect many children, whatever the room in the house. Safety is a priority in the face of the dangers of electricity: the electrical installations in nearly half of old housing, or 7 million homes, no longer meet basic safety standards and 2.3 million electrical installations are considered “particularly dangerous”. In addition, electrical installations are responsible for a significant proportion of domestic fires.

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